Best Ways To Increase Ad Sense Revenue

Making money from your Blog is very easy yet a tricky way to earn a successful living out of it. One can find many Bloggers who find it hard even to acquire a good reader base while there are others for whom, leave aside readers, they are earning hundreds of dollars on a daily basis out of their Blogs. There are some key fundamentals practises that you need to undertake for running a successful Ad sense campaign. Instead making your ad stand out from other content on your website, try making it in contrast and similar to the webpage.

Some easy steps to increase your Ad sense revenue are given below:

Selecting the layout for Ad

There are various formats available for the Ad sense Ads. The format of the ads affects the sales or leads that they generate. One of the best formats is the rectangular one. This format appears more relatable and looks more like the links to web pages rather than ads. A lot of people click on these links without knowing if they are clicking on a paid ad or what.

Customize the colour

This is to ensure that the colour of the ad and the website are same as that of your webpage. Moreover with the unique name and id of different ads running on the same page one can easily track the success of one ad compared to other. Using this way, one can easily track and change the layouts, colours, and other features according to the need.

Many Bloggers use auto blogging tools to create content and automatically keep posting them to their website. For them using the SSI or server side interface is the best option and time saver for them. Using it all the ads automatically keep posting on the webpages as soon as they publish, saving the time for the owner.

These are a few ways in which a user can optimize their Ad sense earning. A user does not need to sell the product, they just have to provide ad space to them.