Facebook Ads vs. Facebook Boosting

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking platforms in the world with more than a billion of monthly active user. Moreover it is a great platform to advertise your Business or increase your direct sales. One way of doing this is by paying Facebook to increase your visibility and advertise your page, brand or post. One of the ways to run a successful advertising is PPC campaigning. Pay Per Click on Facebook is much more cheaper than that on Google, therefore even the small Businesses with low budget can market on the Facebook. There are two very similar yet different ways of advertising, i.e. Facebook news feeds advertising and Boosted post.

Facebook News Feed Advertising

Facebook news feed are the ads that appear on the news feed of the connections or the audience that you wish to target. An ad is built from the scratch where you add images, content, description and url to it.

These ads pop up in the news feeds of your desired audience and increase the visibility of your post. Once they start following your page they have all the opportunity to see the content that you post. This type of advertising is also used for direct advertising.

Facebook Boosted Post

Facebook boosted post, or the sponsored post also appear in the news feed of the targeted audience or viewers. Unlike news feed advertising, in boosted post one does not create the post from the scratch. Instead if one of your posts has the relevant content and is attractive, then you boost the post in order to increase the visibility. Targeted audience is quite same in both the forms of advertising but there are some key differences between them as mentioned below.

Difference between News Feed Advertising and Boosted Post

The most important point of difference between both of them is that Facebook news feed advertising provides a lot more flexibility than that of Boosted post. Boosted post does not allow many alterations although you can select the desired image from Facebook Ad centre, whereas News feed advertising allows flexibility with images, layout, description as well as appearances and URL.

You can also add call per action buttons. Your choice of advertising should depend on the aim of your campaign, weather you want to generate sales or for increasing subscribers. The aim of running a campaigning should always be clear for successful results.