Google Analytics: Know From Where The Traffic Comes

Google Analytics tool is an authorized by the Google. It is the free tool of the Google which is used to analyze the performance of the website. It helps in showing the various variables related to the website. It gives the deep knowledge of the working of the website. An analyst has to check the Google analytics regularly to keep the check on the website. Google after some interval add the features which help in giving more detailed information.

On the basis of Google Analytics, the analyst creates the report and handover to the Digital Marketing manager. It gives the answer of all the questions. It helps in checking the improvement in terms of conversion.

Most importantly, it helps in knowing from where the traffic is coming. It is the crux of the marketing strategies. Marketers apply numerous strategies at the same time. So, they always eager to know from where they are getting the audience so that they will work hard more in the particular area. There are various gates of entering the audience.

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In this article, you will get to know about the various option s which Google analytics displays which are the following-

Direct Traffic

It is the traffic which comes on their own. They visit the website mainly because they hear the name of the company from their friends and relatives, advertisement in the newspaper or from other traditional form of marketing. It is not from any digital marketing strategies. It signifies the brand strength of the company. It tells the marketers that how much best and effective brand endorsement of the traditional marketing. If the audience is coming from this gate then you have to give moreĀ  emphasis on this side and attract the customers.

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Referral traffic

This traffic comes from the links that you build with another website whether by the way of blog commenting. Any links which is coming from the inbound links which is mad with other websites. You will get the knowledge of the links which is coming from other websites by the way of blog commenting. Thus will increase the authority in the eyes of the Google and would like to show your website on the upper position. This helps in the uplifting the position of the website. Referral traffic increases the authority and Google would recommend your website to the similar traffic. It is the sign of the good social media presence.

If the referral traffic on your website is on low side which means that your linking technique with other brands related with your niche is bad. You have to pay attention to your blog commenting, social media strategies and content marketing. Company has to pay attention in this field and have the option to increase their customer base.

Search traffic

Search traffic is the traffic which comes through search engine. It shows on which keyword your website is ranking. It is the organic way of increasing the traffic. It also shows the traffic coming from the search engine campaign. It will give the value of the search engine presence and what practices you need to be implemented to beat your competitors. In the search traffic, you will get to know about the deficiency in the SEO if the traffic is o the low side. Marketers will get to know about the effectiveness of the keyword. It also helps in determining the value of the ROI and result drive from the paid campaign. It will give the number of traffic coming from the search paid campaign.

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Campaign traffic

Campaign traffic is the traffic arrived from the various Digital Marketing campaigns run by the marketers. There are number of campaigns which are video campaign, display campaign, mobile app campaign, social media campaign and many more. It demonstrates the ability of the campaign to attract the traffic. It will give the information regarding the attributes filled in the campaign. If the campaign is successful it means that you have targeted the right audience and proves the how efficient your ads are. It helps in signifying that how much you are socially connected with the audience.

The source of the traffic generation is very important so that marketers can take the required action where there is scope of the improvement. It gives the insight knowledge of successful implementation of strategies. Hence, it is the factor which gives the full value of the campaign. A marketing strategy is termed as successful or failure on the basis of ability of the campaign to drive the traffic.