How to Avoid Being Penalized For Your Money Making Website

While running money making website, it is important to cater your user as done by the Google. Google lays huge emphasis on the user experience and therefore it constantly keeps updating its algorithms in order to provide the customers with the quality content.

Now if you are running a money making or even any website that is earning you some money, the last thing that you would want is to get it penalised by the Google. Google doesn’t penalises a website because it wants to hurt you something, but in order to provide the best experience and result to the reader it reduces the rankings of irrelevant websites. So a website should always be up to date with the Google norms and Guidelines in order to succeed and prevent getting penalized.

Although these algorithm updates can severely affect the search rankings of a large number of search results such as the 2012 Penguin update that affects a large number of websites. Although Penguin is just one of the many Algorithms by Google that works for providing better search results to the users.

A penalty is a sudden drop in the ranking by the Google depending on the reason for the penalty, either your website might slip some ranks or might be removed from the ranking as well. There could be many reasons for receiving a penalty from the Google.

Here are a few prominent reason for which most of the websites gets penalised:


Plagiarism is highly unacceptable by the Google and plagiarised or duplicate content can immediately lead to penalty by Google. Many People create Duplicate content for many reason such as lack of knowledge or spamming purposes etc.

Reciprocal Links

If there are too many reciprocal links, Google can easily register them as paid links and therefore can penalise both the websites. Reciprocal links are highly unrecommenedable for your earning websites.

Although there are many things that can affect your website ranking but try avoiding these major things otherwise this can lead to instant penalisation.