How To Write Better Blog Titles

Title is one of the most important part of an Article. It can either guarantee success or even the failure of an Article. A title is the first thing or text that attracts a reader and it can both entice them and deviate them. But most Bloggers treat them as afterthought and do not pay much attention to them.

Here are a few tips as to How to optimize your title in such a way that it guarantees the success of Blog:


The Blog owner has to be specific about the title and what the Article has to offer. The title should provide information about the specific aim of the article rather than providing a general scenario to look for. General title can e applied to many posts and thus fails to impress the viewer. For eg “ 5 ways to optimize your Off Page SEO”, This title briefly provides the details about what the content has to offer.

Using Numbers

Using numbers where ever need is prominent and makes the title look more attractive and engaging. For eg “Some ways…” looks dull where as” 5 Ways…” makes the article look interesting and specified.

Over Hyped Title

Over Hyping a Title irrespective of the content Quality is a big NO. Your title acts like a promise to deliver what is mentioned. But if the content isn’t as good as represented, the viewers are not going to stick for long. Although most Blogger are likely to under hype, but yet there are some and should stop practising such things.

No Long Titles

Although there is no rules or restriction on the length, but one should try to keep it small and descriptive. For eg” 5 Best ways to protect your website from Hackers” is lengthy enough to fit in search engines and short enough that a visitor may take a quick glance at it. Moreover it perfectly describes the purpose of the post. Such titles are considered to be ideal and therefore worthy enough to be read. Whereas long titles tent to gaze off the viewer and decrease their interest in the article.

One can also use square brackets if they want to provide relevant information or important information along with the title. That also looks attractive and indulging. These are a few ways in which you can optimize your title to increase the traffic.