IIMs Placement

Before talking about the IIMs placements, let’s have short intro of IIMs.

After a tough freedom fight, our country got freedom in 1947 and then the country leaders decided to grow our economy by developing industries and employment for the development of country and citizens. Due to the lack of skilled human resources, planning commission decided to establish the Indian Institute of Management.
Indian Institute of Management is commonly known IIM. It is India’s top management institution. It has gained an enormous recognition in the vast disciplines of management education through its commitment of imparting quality education. The first IIMs institute of Management was formed at Calcutta by MIT Sloan School of Management, West Bengal government,some industrial leaders and Ford Foundation. The first institute of IIMs was established in the year of 1961 with a motive to develop the innovative skilled industrial leaders.


So let’s talk about the placements of IIMs graduates.

IIM is a group of 20 autonomous colleges in the country. All the IIMs institutions were established with an aim to develop the future leaders for the emerging contemporary enormous industries.As you know IIMs is the top institution of India, it has a world class faculty in its campuses. The campus of the institutions is equipped with all the state of the art needs that are essential to develop a student for the industries.

The IIMs institutions graduated students to get more industrial exposure to the corporate world because these institutions have gained huge respect across the industries globally. These institutions train their students according to the industrial needs and the institutions were established to develop managers and leaders that’s why curriculum of the IIMs is industry oriented. These colleges prepare the most versatile students that are trained to fulfill every industries needs with their extraordinary skills.

The average salary packages of IIMs institutions is 20 lakh, it also depends on the college you are pursuing your education. The minimum package that IIMs graduates get is 21 lakh per annum and maximum is 70 lakh per annum. The IIMs colleges offer only masters and doctoral level courses. These institutions give admission only to the finest students that are selected through an entrance test called CAT (common admission test).

The IIMs institutions have created their rank among the top management institutions of the world through their world class faculty and teaching practices. The IIMs graduates have enough value that they can get a high job profile in the global industry. These institutions develop the finest leaders who can maintain the business or company even in the most challenging situations. They create top notch managers to manage the competition of the industry.