Image Optimization: Key To Successful SEO

On page optimization is one of the most significant and important part of SEO. Most of the people doesn’t pays much attention towards optimizing their websites completely. Most webmasters usually focus on creating your content visually attractive and informative only for the viewers and forget the search crawlers. This is the reason why a hidden secret gem I.e. Image optimization is left neglected.

Image optimization refers to the process of using and making the images more SEO friendly so that it can contribute towards your On-page SEO. Your images presents a strong message to your viewers and moreover unoptimized images might increase the page load time of your website. No one likely to be kept waiting and therefore it might increase your bounce rate. This is the reason why image optimization is one of the most important aspects of SEO.

Selecting Relevant Images

One thing that every webmaster must remember and understand is that images are the first thing that grabs the attention of the viewers and leaves a lasting impact on them. Try to be as creative and informative as possible while selecting the image for your content. The image should be relevant to the content that you produce and also should be useful and attractive.

Using the high format images

No one even you also, would want to visit a website again with low quality content. Same applies for the images as well. Images that you use should be highest format possible so that they do not distort on any of the devices. Using JPEG format is the best way as it provides the best quality along with the small file size. Small size can help you a lot in increasing the page load speed of the website and therefore decreasing bounce rate.

Using alternate text and caption

Describing your image is the most important of all. Apart from the image a brief description is also important in order to make the image more understandable to the reader. It help thme to understand the significance of the image and how it is relevant to the content. More over many a times, image might not load due to weak internet connection or some other reason. In such time it is better to provide an alternate text. It helps to increase ranking as well.

These are a few ways in which you can optimise your images in order to increase your SEO rankings.