Improving Your Content Writing with Big Data

The amount of content that has been produced on internet is seemingly high and it is expected to grow in the coming times. This is quite useful for content writers as they have a huge pile of information with them to use and create unique and compelling content. A content writer’s job is to create a content that is unique, informative and reliable for the customers and rope in more sales. But with the entry of Big data content writers commit a mistake of focusing in increasing their CTR’S etc.

Here is how content writers can utilise the date provided By Big Data analysis to make their content more engaging and increase CTR:

1 Using stats for comparisons, description

Big data analysis opens up many doors and areas for the content writers to focus on. For e.g. dating site OkCupid utilised the previous data in order to analyse the sexual preferences of males andfemales based on different race and region. This data helped them to successfully market their app as well as open new areas of discussion for engaging people. Big data analysis thus can help to compare between or analyse a product or service on the statistical measures which is quite helpful for the content writers.

2 Selecting target Audience

Big data analysis can provide you with the information about the customer preferences and what kind of customers is suitable for your campaign. This could be very beneficial for content writers to create the content targeting the selected audience with the given demographics. Using these Demographics such as age, sex, place, time, location etc. you can get some better understanding about your target audience. Hence the content that you create will serve both you as well as your visitors as it is relevant to them and increase your CTR as well.

Content writing in one sense as you are driven with the motive to provide the best quality content for your visitors and therefore you have to keep searching for new content and information that is useful for them. Big data analysis helps you to create and look out for a new angle to visit content and produce it among your viewers. This helps to introduce a new perception to the topic and in depth insights about it. This is how Big data analysis can help and assist you to become a better content writer.