Internal Links- Most Important For Back Links

What is Link Building?

Link Building is one of the most important parts of SEO. But one thing that Bloggers need to understand is that Getting Links is easy but quality is what matters the most. People just come out to acquiring low quality links thinking that it can produce huge effects on their SEO. But there is a huge difference between Low quality and high quality links. But after much experience, there is a secret ingredient to increase the effects of the linking i.e. Internal Linking.

A well optimized Link Building structure can do wonders for your website. It helps you to get enough Link juice for your Homepage to increase its ranking. Using internal Linking one can divert Link equity towards those pages which are less likely to be linked outside.

Your product and service pages which are most important to your website are not important for other website owner. So they are less likely to be linked as they are self-serving. Link Building pages are usually informative, educational in nature. They are either entertaining or can be useful for the readers. Linkable pages are usually found at the starting of the marketing Funnel and divert the juice from them to the important pages or those that are unlikely to be linked.

The most difficult task for the webmaster is to divert the readers from their page towards other website and for this they have to be convinced that it is in the best interest of their readers. Now this is where Internal link building can do wonders for the website owner. From these linkable pages one can divert the readers to conversion oriented or lead generating pages via Internal linking. The Link equity from the Linked page moves to the internally linked page although it diminishes a little bit but it still affects to the page value.

Channelling your Visitors towards the important pages is crucial for the website as it increases the visibility and interaction. It navigates the user to important pages. Moreover it suggest the Search engines that which page is important. So as soon as the interaction increases these pages rank well on the keywords and help the website to grow. This is how internal linking helps to increase the profit of the website and lead conversion for the products and service providing websites.