Joomla vs. Word Press: Best Choice For Your Website

Word press and Joomla are by far the most popular CMS or content management system available in the market. The both share the decent user base and are most demanded in the industry. But for most of the beginners, it becomes hard to decide which platform to work on. Choosing the correct CMS is the most important task as wrong choice can backfire after sometime. Both are better in their own unique ways but the choice depends on the Business, Budgets and the purpose.

Here are a few point of difference between both of the CMS’s that can assist in choosing the right option for you:


Joomla and Word press both have very user friendly interface and both of them provides access to all the features, navigation options within the reach of the user. Joomla also provides the comprehensive control panel which makes it easy to use. Both of these platforms can be operated by anyone without much technical knowledge.


While both of these provide high end security to the customers, Joomla has an upper hand in the matter of Security. Joomla provides more advanced options for creating backups and also have extensions for security. Joomla is more preferred framework by various Businesses in the matter of security.

Flexibility and Customization

Both Word press and Joomla provide huge options for the customization to the users. Word press has more than 13000 plugins to assist the user in customization whereas Joomla provides a whopping 6500 plus extensions. Both of the platforms are easily accessible and provide a great customization experience to the user.


Although both platforms have the advanced capabilities but in this aspect Word press outruns the Joomla. Word press has thousands of plugins that can assist you in creating SEO friendly content and website optimization. It provides plugin for compensating every possible error that could hinder the SEO process.

Although both of these platforms provide neck to neck competition to each other. Word press is by far most popular CMS platform used by the website owners with over 35% websites made on it.