Keeping The Best Content Or Submitting It?

One of the common problems faced by SEO specialist is weather to keep their best content on their website or should place it on some other website. The opinion may be different for different Blogger. Some might prefer keeping it to increase the visibility and better user interaction while others might look out for a high quality link out of it and boost their reputation. It all depends on the goals of a webmasters and the medium of the traffic they opt for.

If a webmaster is trying to get direct traffic then keeping the content is the best option whereas if the target is getting most traffic via Referrals than giving away your content is the best option for you. Iy you have confusion in deciding look for where your traffic is coming from.

Some Pros and Cons of keeping or sending away the content are:

Pros of keeping the content

Some pros of keeping the content is that the content that you have created helps to increase the authority of your website.

You have the control of your content and it helps to drive the traffic towards your website.


You might be losing on some high quality links towards your website.

If due to any reasons the site gets penalized, than there is a chance that you might not receive that much Traffic.

You might not get good response on your Article if your site doesn’t ranks good.

These are the Pros and Cons of keeping the content fore your website. Now some Pros and Cons for not keeping the Content.


If due to some reasons, your website is penalized, there is probability of you sustaining your traffic due to linking.

It might help one to reach to the new audience via different website and Blogs.

Your website gets more authority via Linking in different communities.


The content or the link can be removed any time.

The hosting site might stop functioning.

You are driving your traffic to some other website by providing them your content.

These are a few points of difference between keeping or giving away a good content. It depends upon the target and situation of the Blogger. Whereas there is no significant difference between both these methods.