Keyword Research- Most Important Step In SEO

Blogging has become a common practise and is one of the most important ways to get your Business a good online presence and traffic. Blogging is not like writing a diary or something to present your views and opinion to the world. Not if you are planning to earn some money or increase the ranking on search engines.

To start earning from Blogging and increase its traffic, one has to carefully optimize the Blog using the tricks like Off page and On page SEO. One has to optimize their Blog in such a way that the content is fresh, unique and relatable to the target audience. Now in order to start optimizing your Blog the first step is Keyword Research.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the very first step in optimizing your Blog or website for better ranking. It is important to know what your viewer is searching for or what is it that they want to see. This can be done by knowing exactly what they search for and using those keywords to optimize our Blog or website. In this way, the crawlers have a better idea about what this Blog offers and when the user search for the particular term, crawlers automatically display our blog above the other alternatives. This terms or what the visitor search for is known as Keyword.

Now there are several free as well as paid tools for keyword research. Most popular out of all is the one provided free of cost by the Google i.e. Google keyword planner which is an extended part of the Google Adwords. Google Keyword planner allows you to search for the particular niche and provides you the information about the number of searches with that particular keyword as well as the competition for that keyword. Along with that it also displays the other keywords related to the one you searched.

An ideal keyword would be the one with low competition and a decent amount of monthly visitors. After carefully analysing the Keywords we can create a content that focuses on the particular keywords but keeping in mind the relevancy and readability off the Content. Many Bloggers commit the mistakes such as Keyword stuffing and other Black hat practise. These tricks can help you in only short term but for the long race one has to practice only ethical ways of SEO. A simple Keyword research can help you to optimize your Blog to a greater extent and positively affect the Search Engine Rankings.