Need For A Static Homepage

Most of the Blogs contain a list of recent post on their home page. This is usually hoe the templates are designed and how one sees a Blog to be. But the trend is changing and more and more people are moving towards Static Homepage for their Blogs. A large number of Blogs provide static Homepage to objectify certain actions and tell their readers about who they are.


Now the question that arises is weather the Static Homepage is Good for you or not?

Although many Blogs that have static page also provide recent post but is it worth applying in your website. It depends on the type of Blog and the source of Income of the Blog.

If you have a Blog with Ads running on different pages, then you probably would want to show recent pages on the Homepage in order to increase your Profits. A Static page might not be the best choice for you. But if you provide services and products, then opting for aa Static Homepage might work for you. A static page allows you to point all the important services and content that you have to offer to the reader apart from the posts. Or if Blogging is just a hobby or you are looking to build up a reputation in the industry, then any kind of Homepage might work for you.

A Static Home page usually contains a short description about the author, the company or the service you provide along with the aim. It is more of a Mission statement. Apart from that a Static page usually provide links to different part of the Blog such as recent posts, Blog and other platform or services that the Business provides. It also has link to contact us pages. A Static page appears to be sorted and allows the reader to undertake the specific actions they have visited for.

But on the other hand, a dynamic homepage takes the reader to the centre of the Blog, providing everything that they are looking for in the same place. A Dynamic Homepage with all the post provided is best suitable for Bloggers working on AdSense.

Both the Types of Homepages are suitable depending upon the purpose of your website. If you are having Blog as a hobby or target at driving page traffic than sticking with the default Homepage is the best option. Whereas if you are selling products or services on your website, than Static website could be a great option for you.