Some Important Google Adsense Rules

Ad sense provides you one of the easiest ways to earn money online. Almost everyone knows that Adsense provides Pay per click option and various methods to earn money and are easier to join. Working on Ad sense can be highly lucrative opportunity but only if done following the rules and regulation provided by the Google. There are lots of professionals out there earning hundreds of dollars on the daily basis and one thing you will find common in the working on them is that they all work within the boundary of the Ad sense.

Not having the information about the rules of the Ad sense can pause your close your campaign even before the start. Some of the most important rules and features to keep in mind are:

Click Behavior

Ad sense work on the click basis. And you get paid depending on the number of clicks you get. Now most beginners perceive that they can click on their own ads and why rely on visitors for the click.

One thing that everyone has to understand is that google has been in this game longer than anyone else and it knows how to handle such things. It keeps a track of the fraud clicks through various methods such as location, IP, statistics etc. Many try to evade ity by asking friends, families etc. but Google can easily detect that as well and you can be subjected to penalty. This is the easiest way to get penalized.

Another most important rule is the treatment of the Ads

Many people like to use text and images, such as click here or check this out etc. to entice the viewer to click on the ad. These tricks are not allowed by the Google. Many people try to interfere with Google ad sense code to make it not look like an ad. These are the sure short ways to get you site penalized.

These are some of the basic rules that a beginner must follow to keep away from being penalized.