What Is Pinterest & What Are The Best Strategies To Promote On Pinterest?

If you figure out which is the best proven platform with which everyone is connected? So here you will get only one answer that is social media, yes you are right what you read is social media, strange thing about social media is that people choose to more connect in social media rather than with their families it is not a good thing for the relationships but you can use this trend as a weapon to promote your business and increase the reach of your audiences to the target audience. There are so many social media platforms but what you need to rule out is that what is more beneficial for your business from which platform the target audience is coming.

Pinterest is a social media and a mobile based application that is only designed to discover information from different parts of the world but only by the use of pictures, it is one of the most powerful medium through which you can get traffic to your website and the good thing about it is that you can tap into 176,000,000 users for free.

Here you can utilize your pictures, your videos, and private messages to direct people toward your website; its dame sure if your posts are attractive enough then you will get massive traffic over your landing page through which you can build more subscribers on daily basis.

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  • Remember you need to plan your strategy before the implementation
  • Allow the visitors to come
  • Compel them to subscribe into your website
  • Then choose your potential customers
  • Try to build a good relationship with your customers through regular feedback
  • Revenue for your business

After some sort of research’s I found that until unless you plan something you cannot get enough traffic and subscriber for that I abstracted some tricks that may help you have a look of that

1 ) Follow at least 200 Pinterest users in a day I know it seems outdates but believe it will seduce other users to follow you on Pinterest

2) following is not enough you can also send emails to your list and let them know that you are about to share cool and unique tips to solving their problems on your Pinterest page

3) Try to pin at least 20-30 picture in a day however you need to focus on those users in your niche , and definitely this will going to help your because you are providing a stuff to the audience and that is supposed to be liked   .

4) You can only go forward when you will get audience who admire your work and for that you need followers and if you are following someone and who is not following you then just remove that one because, this is important because you are supposed to work with those who reciprocate with you

5) If you want that your picture or post should be shared by most of your followers then put a Pinterest button to share your blog or squeeze page for free.

6) If you want to attract more and more audience towards your posts then try to connect your pictures with true or positive experience, this will create an interest and it can be a medium through which audience can share their own experiences .this will help you to build a healthy relationship.

7) Always make friends who are in the top list of Pinterest. why it is important because it will give you the more worthy ideas and also you can have access that how others are doing.

8) Only you can have best reviews when you already built good relationship with them so always greet each new follower that follow you on Pinterest.

9) Adding signature file for every outgoing email mention something like P.S. You can always follow my every move on Pinterest at (your Pinterest URL)

10) You can also create a special discount in exchange to following you in Pinterest like create a contest where you can ask your audience to have special discount if they click on the follow button to get a coupon code for a 60% discount on your latest product at 99% .well it doesn’t matter how much it is but my concern is only related to that how you are utilizing your offers.

What Else

As we all know that Pinterest is an important part of Social Media & Social Media is an important part of Digital Marketing. Nowadays Digital Marketing is a wonderful feild to promote your business online. It’s very important for a business owner to know all the aspects of Digital marketing in a professional manner. learning Digital Marketing is not very difficult. You can learn Digital Marketing whithin a couple of months. You can learn it through youtube & by following some of the great blogs in the world like Quicksprout & Search Engine Watch.