What Is The Meaning Of The Term Penetration Testing?

In the world of technology, where technology changes rapidly. The term of penetration testing means a lot. It means that by passing or breaching the security defence of the system to obtain the unauthorised access to the system. In short, penetration means hacking into someone’s operating system.

The term ethical hacking is, describe by who hired to test the system by breaching the system to give protection against hackers. Whereas hacker who want to steal your information. The ethical hacker will report the vulnerabilities to the experts to improve the defence of the system.

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Penetration testing search the security weakness in several ways.

External penetration testing:  testing the servers, host, and software such as firewalls.

Application security: testing the threat on the system coming from the application.

Internet security assessment: an extended version of external of penetration that access various point.

Wireless security: test the system where people access their devices wireless or by remote access.

Testing of new technology: test the devices when possible through current or latest devices.

As you can see there are various type of assessment through you can penetrate the system and the process can be very complex because of the various assessment are available. Test can be done as per you need, but testing should be periodically to find the threat and vulnerabilities but testing should be proactive because threat can come anytime without saying. Testing should be 24 hours and 7 days a week. Testing give you assurance that there is no threat and vulnerabilities going on to breach your system and affect your organisation.

This is ultimate security test. It means the system defence is always check for hacking attempts to make high security time.

There are several of benefits of penetrating test. External penetration is the most common penetrating test.  After this, you will get the valuable information to improve the security of the network.

Testing all the component firewalls and routers

Check the vulnerability and indicating the breach locations.

Testing the employee’s passwords whether they have chosen a vulnerable password.

Wireless security testing

Communication testing

Application testing whether the system is modified or not.

Experts in penetrating testing will perform a complex test, which make a fierce attack on the system. The goal of the tester is gain the accesses through of the confidential data. There are various method that real hacker can use to breach the system.

Writer of this article is Mr. Kishan Soni faculty of Future Wings Media that provides Ethical Hacking Course in Delhi.